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Intake: Ambitions

Scale your company

When you started your company, you probably did a lot of research. You sought advise to determine if there is enough demand for your product or service. A lot of time, and money was invested to get your business from the ground and it paid off. Now you have survived the startup phase and built a successful business that keeps growing in size and demand. The question is, what’s next? How to grow your business and stay successful? Because what worked before is no longer working.

Become more adaptable

The world is changing faster and faster. These changes force companies to constantly reinvent themselves. The traditional way of managing people don’t fit this need. They enforce formal rules and procedures, where top-down decision making is the norm and people are primarily motivated through extrinsic rewards.

Management models of the past slow us down. It prevents creativity, self expression, innovation and decreases motivation and productivity. Companies struggle to keep their people engaged and aligned and equipped for the future. To stay one step ahead of competition there is a need for flexibility and agility.

The Operational Innovation Cycle is a incremental approach to achieve your goals while innovating the core of your organisation.

Continuous Improvement with the OKRs framework

Process Innovation

. different area’s in your company, for example to help you scale your company, to increase performance of your projects, to improve employee engagement.

To improve the culture, increase creativity and it can also be used to make your company more adaptable to scale/change and a worthwhile place for people to work and reach their full potential.

Operational Assessment

Next I will need to understand your current situation and identify the problem areas within your company. For this I will perform an in-depth operational assessment.

Operational Innovation Cycle

The Operational Innovation Cycle is an approach where I work together with your team incrementally in order to reach the desired state. Each cycle consists out of four steps: 1. Set Objectives. 2. Determine Measurable Key Results. 3. Experiment by optimizing processes, applying tools, and new ways of working. 4. Measure the results, learn from them, and repeat.

Mindset and Behaviour

In parallel I work and challenge the team in a positive way to embrace the new ways of leadership and adopt the right Mindset and Behaviour

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