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In order to get more out of companies and truly unleash their full potential, they need to be willing to fundamentally change how the work is carried out. It requires changing how they operates at the core level. Using new principles that fit better with the changing world which lead to a substantial increase in people engagement, innovation, creativity, performance, and in the end higher profit.

I help software companies grow and perform better by creating focus on the things that really matter and by improving the inner workings of the company. 

Do you believe your company can perform better? Are you willing to change how you operate in order to get more out of your company and your people.

There is so much to gain


Linda understands how to develop, scale and change an organization. Linda has an eye for talent and easily empowers team members. She has as strong business acumen combined with people skills. This combination of skills make her an ideal business partner. Linda is not afraid of change and will initiate change wherever she sees growth opportunities for both people and organization.

Eveliese Luiting – Chief People Officer at Engaged People

Linda’s approach “happy employees create happy customers” has been proven to be working because she recognizes the strengths of each person and pushes to focus on those. Linda is also capable in bringing people together, from different departments, or within departments, to collaborate – she will encourage people to work together even if they didn’t think they could.

Tamir Dotan – Delivery Director at Backbase

Linda is one of these rare leaders that can combine great people management with true leadership focusing on the best business results. It’s easy to be business-focused and take tough decisions, and it’s easy to care for your people and protect your team in a genuine manner, but it’s very very hard to combine the two while staying believable and reliable. She’s the personification of the ‘can do’ credo, always looking at opportunities rather than being slowed down or distracted by obstacles.

Kees de Koning – Practice Lead B2B eCommerce at Emakina.NL

Working with Linda I have seen her orchestrate huge organisational changes on an international level. Scaling a team from small and local, to hundreds of people all over the world. Linda’s main strength is her focus on people, it’s rare to see any manager or leader willing to burden themselves so much to ensure the people working for them are able to always achieve their best.

Chris Whitcombe – CIO at LDMS

Linda’s ability to recognise when to give teams space, and when to step in is excellent. This means you can lead your teams effectively, knowing that there is support there when you need it. She’s fantastic at getting the most out of people, but doesn’t shy away when tough decisions need to be made. Growing any knowledge based organisation rapidly is always challenging, and Linda has demonstrated and inspired teams in a timely, fun and efficient manner.

Tony Coleman – Office of the CTO at Temenos

I had the chance to work for Linda… Or I should rather say WITH Linda. This very important distinction is in my mind the best way to summarise who Linda is. Her sincere human presence, her capacity to consider and care for her teams makes any hierarchical relation vanish, she truly leads instead of managing. She also coaches extremely well by using her many years of great experience.

Alexander Schoen – Digital Product Manager at Pictet Group

Linda’s natural talent at cultivating empathy truly inspires mass action, empowering global sense of achievement. She leads by example, she’s a decision maker when needed and delegates when she effectively sees a chance to develop team members, even beyond their own belief. I personally owe a lot of my professional and personal growth to Linda. She definitely taught me how to avoid the fears of my own weaknesses, which overshadowed my confidence in my own strengths.

Fernando Gonzales – Senior Software Developer

This is what I do:

Building Development Teams

One of my key strengths is leading and managing development teams in high-growth, fast paced environments. I have a proven track record of growing teams from 5 to 225 people while consistently focusing on delivering business results. I'm someone who can handle a challenge, is creative, a fast thinker, and is appreciated for her strong, motivating and caring people management skills.

Realise Company Goals and Objectives

I'm all about making companies perform better by achieving goals and objectives. To do this I use an incremental approach based on the OKR framework. With my strong back ground in operational management I make sure that changes get embedded into the core of the organisation. The cycle consists out of four steps: 1. Set Objectives. 2. Determine Measurable Key Results. 3. Experiment, e.g. by optimising the operational model, optimising processes, applying new tools, and new ways of working. 4. Measure the results, learn, and repeat.

Operational Model Design

Together we design an Operational Model that fits best with your organisation. Operational Models of the past slow us down. It prevents creativity, self expression, innovation and decreases motivation and productivity. Companies struggle to keep their people engaged and aligned and equipped for the future. To stay one step ahead of competition there is a need for flexibility and agility.

Leadership Coaching

As a coach I focus on increasing the behaviour and performance of leaders and teams through a change in attitude, skills, and the internalisation of tools. I will challenge you and your teams in a positive way to embrace new ways of working and adopt the right Mindset and Behaviour.

Linda Bovaird

about me

My name is Linda Bovaird and I have a proven track record of leading and growing development and consultancy teams from 7 up to 200+ FTE. 
In the last ten years I have been a strong advocate to innovate the way people are managed and work is done by continuously improving the way companies operate at their core level. I have implemented innovative management principles and operating models (like the Spotify Model) at multiple companies. This has resulted in increase of performance, quality and employee engagement. To realize change I use a pragmatic and incremental approach based on the OKRS framework.

It is my passion to make companies more adaptable in a world that is changing faster and faster. I’m focused on improving performance and quality and providing an environment where people can take more ownership and reach their full potential.


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